Where I find You in the storm... - Irina's Healing Journey
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Finding God in the storms of life

Where I find You in the storm…

Where I find You in the storm...

The storms have hit from many sides lately, it seamed.  Between an untimely blizzard in April, leaving electric poles down and people in the dark… To our house flooding this past weekend, that we still are scraping by to clean, having to redo half the house… To being wrecked with indescribable attacks of pain all of a sudden, in bones, in liver, barely breathing… All at the same time.

We tend to put the blame on God too quickly, when storms hit. Even insurance companies describe a destructive force of nature “an act of God”. But is it? Jesus was in a boat with disciples, and a storm rose up against Him! There are forces at play in the world, that are enemies of God and of His children. This world has fallen since the dawn of the day, since the first man surrendered His inheritance in a momentary pull of sin.

Christ came to redeem it, restore us, heal us, to save the lost!

Jesus rises up to rebuke the waves and hush the winds!

Other times, He will bid you to step out of the boat and walk by faith on top of the waves, fixing your eyes on His, and not on the storm.

Perhaps, one day, He will have you raise your staff, raise your prayer and decree, and part the sea in front of you.

Whatever it is, He is with you at all times. 

Yes, it was difficult when parts of my spine collapsed recently, from being ravaged by disease. To have to go back to radiation this past January, for the fourth time in four years. It would have been, and it was, easy to get discouraged, when on Thursday morning April 10, the doctor had to tell me the current treatments were not working.  She had to tell me that tumors have doubled in the liver, now affecting 70% of this vital organ.  It felt like a blur, discussing next series of chemo (fourth time around) starting next week, the possibilities, or absence of such, in a waning medical toolbox.

But I go back to the TRUTH that I know, that He is with me in the valley just the same as when all is well. That He gave His life to heal and save me (Isaiah 53) and paid the highest price that I may live. He is with me in the boat. He HAS NOT FAILED ME!

I love Psalm 91. I often pray it word-for-word, applying every promise to myself. At times we can question His promises, and say, “but Lord, if You promised to protect me, then why this happened?” I don’t pretend to know the answer. I do know that the answer for me is always to draw near to Him.

He who dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High, will abide under the shadow of the Almighty...”

Psalm 91:1

He who dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High, will abide under the shadow of the Almighty...” Have I yearned for His presence more than whatever my agenda is? Have I made the Lord my dwelling place every day of my life, every moment? Have I actually held on to His promises in my heart and with my confession, and not just happened to remember it after troubles came?

The goodness of His heart is there for us, no matter where we are on the journey with Him. It is never too late. We are never too far gone. And He is never far, but closer than our very breath. “I am with Him in trouble…“, says Psalm 91.

That is why we can say, “It is well!”  That is why we can speak to the raging waves, and tell them to seize. You can rest on His shoulder, and be secure, because He is with you in the boat.

~Love, Irina

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