I Danced At The Doctor's Office - Irina's Healing Journey
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I Danced At The Doctor’s Office

The morning finally came, after another series of scans. The tension was immense. It was warfare. The past 24 hours seemed suspended in the air, with bouts of hope and floods of peace, challenged by mounting waves of fear to attack the mind…This was the time when I had to flex every muscle in my spirit and my mind. I picked up my sword of His word, and took an immovable stance. No matter what the outcome of tests, I was going to lay down the medical report, and place His Word over it. “Whose report will you believe? We will believe the report of the Lord!” (Isaiah 53:1).

Dr. Amy walked in, and my demeanor was likely resembling one of a porcupine, ready to release needles at a slightest prompting. Only this time the doctor was…smiling! That hasn’t happened on previous scan days. Her remark was very simple, but was the one we waited so long to hear.  She said, “Your bones look much better!”
I had to slow her down for a minute…
“Wait doctor, what do you mean better?
How much better?
Can you give me a percentage?
Give me something, please…”
She smiled again, and instead of explaining, handed me the printed report, and then led me to the computer screen, where my previous images from last December were side by side with the new ones from April 23, 2018. I could hardly believe what I saw… The former picture was full of black patches all over the skeleton, spine, ribs, head, a horrible site. The new one had only traces of black in fewer places, faded, and what you could see looked like a shadow. I thought to myself, “It is merely a shadow…” (Psalm 23:4).

I think I asked her several times to repeat the results. I just had to be convinced that I wasn’t dreaming. What joy and relief!  So many times we came into this office, and so many times my eyes met my husband’s, and I saw the look of devastation, every time bad reports came. But not this time! It may have taken almost a year of unceasing prayer and unmovable faith of so many friends and my dear family, of speaking His word over my life, often through pain, many days and nights… Praising in the midst of tears, and shouting victory while still walking the valley…  Seeking His face relentlessly and getting around some believing friends, just to be in His presence… And now we saw what doctors and medical experts never promised would happen – cancer slowly but surely going away. Only Jesus could do it, and He did!  Now, that was a cause for praise! I didn’t care what anyone thought at this point.  I WAS DANCING in the middle of the doctor’s office!

I am not saying the journey is finished yet, but I “see” the finish line. As far as I am concerned, Jesus said “it is finished” over two thousand years ago, when He took our sicknesses and carried away our pain, with every bleeding stripe on His back providing our healing. We will continue in relentless faith until all disease is eradicated from this body. It has to be! Because of Isaiah 53:5. Because of all that Jesus did! Because He watches over His word to perform it. Because His word is His promise, and His word is He in Person.

For the time being, the doctor cancelled IV chemo, and has switched me to a chemo pill, that is a more targeted therapy. We still have to pray for all spots disappear from the liver. In spite of them showing up on the scan, my blood work continues to show good, near healthy markers in the liver, comparing to what they were a few months ago (also, a miracle). As several doctors discussed, it is possible that when cancer cells die quickly, they leave behind dead cells – necrosis. At this time it is unclear. But one thing is clear to me is that I will believe the report of the Lord. Yet again, in spite of what we see or feel, we will take Jesus at His word. Half jokingly, the doctor said, “we need to talk to the liver”…  And I said, “I will”.  Whether she realized it or not, what she said was truth.  Very powerful spiritual truth.

As children of God, we all must grab a hold of The Truth. Jesus showed us how to speak to the waves and wind, He taught us to speak to the mountains in our lives. So, speak to the mountain! Speak to the problem, speak to the storm, to the liver, to the bones, to every cell in your body… Even when the storm is raging against your soul, your mind –  speak to it, and tell that soul to bless the Lord! And dance. Or sing, or shout your praise.  Praise for your victory in the name of Jesus, until it comes!

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