He makes everything beautiful - Irina's Healing Journey
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He makes everything beautiful

Have you ever heard an expression, that life moves in seasons? Have you ever felt that it just sounds a bit cliché? It took for me a long and hard season of wrestling to finally admit what I already knew, that the Lord was opening up new possibilities. It just too me a little too long to finally say, “Yes”. It is not easy to let go of what we know. But there has to be letting go. Then, when we finally surrender to Him, the vision emerges crystal clear.

To say that the last year and a half has been a roller coaster is a giant understatement! Dustin and I went from a successful business and rocking awesome family life with our babies, to a screeching halt from my cancer diagnosis early in 2015. Suddenly the ground shifted underneath our feet, and all the we have built was gone. Instead we had to deal with fears of mortality, health crisis, unable to pursue our career, and fighting with every inch of our body and soul to survive my stage three cancer and keep our kids from being depressed by my sickness. Was there anything beautiful about that season? Oh, my friends, if only you knew as I know the faithfulness of God, His presence and His unfailing, unchanging, unconditional, unprecedented love, as He proved to us through it all! I cannot wait to tell you all about it! I cannot wait to tell somebody how good my God is. He redeems our story, our very lives out of a broken mess.

Photography was my life for the past seven years of business. So much so that my life was taken over in long hours, late nights and early mornings, time taken away from my family, time spent learning, perfecting, marketing, booking, building, creating, editing, etc. The sacrifice was too much, too costly in years that will never turn back.  But God never intended for our lives to be consumed by whatever it is we allow to consume us. No matter how pretty the packaging is. He had to show me a bigger picture of Hid design. Because there was the other dream inside, the DREAM, that He dropped in my spirit long ago. The one that waited and was dormant, the one that had to grow from a seed to sprout, until the time was right. Truthfully, my real honest passion was always to do His work, to encourage people, to pour into others, and build them up. If we look hard enough, we can recognize what our gifts are. And I know what mine is. Seasons may change, the way it looks may change, but that one thing, one purpose, remains.

So I hope you are up for the journey, as I want you my friends to come along. From now on I will focus more on writing, blogging, speaking. Will photography still be a part of my life? Certainly, but it will look a bit different, and will no longer be the main focus. I will continue to offer exclusive portrait packages in a near future, so stay tuned as I will be introducing some exciting new developments. I have my husband’s full blessing to tread these new waters, as he also follows God’s new direction for his career. It’s time to share what is on my heart, and let the Lord direct my path.

So, please stay in touch. Your love and prayers mean a whole, whole lot!



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